Real-time audio input spectral analysis

Why MeloCraft?

I never had a musical ear, and when people say the notes are a bit too flat or a bit too sharp, I’m thinking “really?”. I always loved the violin and I think it’s one of the most beautiful instrument, but when I wanted to start learning it, I quickly noticed that without a musical ear, it was going to be really difficult. That’s why I created MeloCraft, to get a real-time feedback on the accuracy of the notes I was playing, to be able to train myself both for muscle memory (finger placement), and for training my ear, to be able to play and hear the sound corresponding to the note accurately.

Some words of caution

MeloCraft should not replace your musical ear training. I recommend using MeloCraft mostly to gain self-confidence, to be sure you’re playing accurate notes. But please continue to work on your musical earing in parallel, otherwise it would just be a dependency.


Unfortunately, I could not find what I wanted by looking at existing apps (that’s why I created MeloCraft), however, some of the following may be useful to you: